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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts is the ultimate solution for online retailers seeking advanced WooCommerce dynamic pricing options and WooCommerce discount rules. Its unparalleled flexibility ensures that a wide array of pricing methods seamlessly align with any retailer’s pricing objectives.

It’s suitable for standard WooCommerce discounts, wholesale rates, bulk offers, role-based pricing, BOGO promotions, tiered pricing structures, bundle deals, daily specials, flash sales, member-exclusive rates, individual pricing, loyalty incentives, behavioral pricing, geographically-targeted pricing, and conditional cart discounts. Additionally, it grants the flexibility to mark up prices, substitute them with updated figures, or apply additional charges at checkout when required.

– Tried and tested by 20,000+ users
– Actively maintained and supported
– Last updated in September 2023
– Compatible with WooCommerce 8.2 (incl. HPOS)
– Personalized demo and documentation available

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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

With our WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin, setting up tailored prices has never been easier. From simple WooCommerce percentage discounts to complex tiered structures, it’s all at your fingertips.

✔ Simple Adjustment
Adjust prices by decreasing, increasing, or replacing, irrespective of quantity.

✔ Bulk Pricing
Reduce prices based on quantity – all items receive the highest available discount.

✔ Tiered Pricing
Reduce prices based on quantity – each subsequent tier enjoys a greater discount.

✔ Groups of Products
Provide discounts when multiple products are bought together.

✔ Buy X Get Y
Give a discount on Y units when X units are purchased at the standard price.

✔ Exclude Matched Items
Ensure that specific matched products are exempt from other pricing rules.

✔ Restrict Purchase
Conditionally prevent customers from buying designated products.

WooCommerce Discounts

Take your WooCommerce discounts beyond the conventional coupon system. Cart Discounts operate similarly to standard WooCommerce coupons, but with a notable difference: there’s no need for customers to apply any codes. This streamlined process allows eligible customers to instantly see their discounts, potentially boosting your conversion rates.

Set up WooCommerce discounts using various criteria, including cart subtotal, items in the cart, customer information, shipping details, previous purchases, and more. This offers a level of flexibility beyond what’s possible with regular coupons.

WooCommerce Fees

Checkout Fees offer a mechanism to add nuanced charges based on specific order details. This can be utilized to offset costs associated with particular types of orders, such as handling international orders or managing perishable products.

With this feature integrated, there’s no need to juggle multiple tools. This all-encompassing extension handles every aspect related to the amount your customers are charged.

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Extensive Conditional Logic

Achieving precision in WooCommerce discounts requires more than just basic rules. It demands an extensive conditional logic system that can adapt to varied scenarios and requirements. With our robust conditional logic feature, you’re empowered to set discounts based on intricate criteria allowing you to craft promotions that resonate with specific segments of your customer base.

› Product
› Product variation
› Product category
› Product attribute
› Product tag
› Product regular price
› Product is on sale
› Product stock quantity
› Product shipping class
› Product metadata
› Custom taxonomy
› Customer
› User role
› User capability
› User metadata
› Is logged in
› Cart subtotal
› Cart total quantity
› Cart item count
› Cart total weight
› Coupon applied
› Cart item data
› Payment method
› Shipping method
› Shipping country
› Shipping state
› Shipping postcode
› Shipping zone
Customer Value
› Total spent
› Average order value
› Last order value
› Last order date
› Order count
› Review count
Products in Cart
› Products
› Variations
› Categories
› Attributes
› Tags
› Shipping class in cart
Products in Cart
› Quantity by product
› Quantity by variation
› Quantity by category
› Quantity by attribute
› Quantity by tag
› Quantity by shipping class
Products in Cart
› Value by product
› Value by variation
› Value by category
› Value by attribute
› Value by tag
› Value by shipping class
Purchase History
› Products
› Variations
› Categories
› Attributes
› Tags
Purchase History
› Quantity by product
› Quantity by variation
› Quantity by category
› Quantity by attribute
› Quantity by tag
Purchase History
› Value by product
› Value by variation
› Value by category
› Value by attribute
› Value by tag
Date & Time
› Date
› Time
› Days of week
› Days of month
› Months
The best part?
You can combine them
in any way you like!

So how do you offer a discount that’s valid throughout the year for all albums, excluding Album #1 and Album #4, and exclusively for non-wholesale customers who’ve bought at least one single in the past three months? Here’s how…

WooCommerce Conditional Discounts

Promotion Tools

In the competitive landscape of eCommerce, clear communication can set your shop apart. Our Promotion Tools are specifically designed to enhance the way shop managers convey WooCommerce sales, promotions, and discounts to their customers. These features not only help in clarifying the reasons behind certain discounts or surcharges but also play a crucial role in incentivizing customers.

✔ Your Price
Show a real-time updated price on individual product pages.

✔ Product Banners
Highlight applicable product pricing rules on product pages.

✔ Countdown Timer
Feature a countdown timer for WooCommerce discount rules that are time-sensitive.

✔ Volume Pricing Table
Present a table illustrating savings associated with purchasing in larger quantities.

✔ Customer Notifications
Notify customers when a pricing rule, cart discount, or checkout fee rule takes effect.

✔ Cart Item Descriptions
Detail the product pricing rules relevant to items in the cart for clarity.

✔ You Saved
Show the total savings a customer achieves on both cart and checkout pages.

Endless Configuration Possibilities

We understand you’re likely brimming with great ideas already, but if you need a nudge in the right direction, here are a few examples of what this WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin can achieve for you:

  • Purchase 10 or more units to receive a 5% discount
  • Get 3 t-shirts at $9.99, excluding t-shirts with custom artwork
  • For 2 to 5 units purchased, receive a 10% discount; for 6 or more, get a 20% discount
  • For every desktop computer purchased, add a wireless keyboard at a 50% discount
  • Achieve a 5% lifetime discount after the 10th order, and 10% after the 50th order
  • An additional handling fee of $15 is charged for carts with heavy items
  • For orders of $1000 or more, receive a 15% discount
  • Book a hotel for 7 nights, and get the 8th night at no cost
  • Get 20% off SPA treatments on stays of 3 nights or longer
  • First-time orders receive a 10% discount, unless other promotions are in effect
  • An iPhone case is included with every iPhone purchased
  • Purchase from the Clothing category and receive a $5 discount on the cart
  • Items are priced at $9 until midnight for orders of 3 or more items
  • The fifth accessory purchased is offered at a 30% discount
  • For this month, music albums are at 10% off, and singles at 25% off
  • A $10 processing fee is added for international orders
  • Shop manager receives a 100% discount for testing
  • Orders are given a 5% discount if no other promotions are active
  • Set up an automated rewards system offering discounts for regular customers
  • VIP club members are offered a 25% discount on their cart
  • Laptops have a 10% discount, excluding VIP club members
  • Many other WooCommerce dynamic pricing, discount, or fee scenarios can be configured

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Real-World Applications

Wholesale Pricing Offers: Introduce WooCommerce wholesale pricing to entice bulk buyers and resellers. Welcome wholesale buyers with exclusive prices, fostering lasting B2B relationships.

Bulk Discounts Evolved: Elevate bulk buying with this advanced WooCommerce bulk discount plugin. Whether you’re promoting specific products or a range, incentivize larger purchases effortlessly.

Quantity and Volume Incentives: Boost your sales with enticing WooCommerce quantity discount deals and volume pricing that reward bulk purchases. Adjust the discount amount based on the quantity of products purchased.

Tiered Pricing Incentives: Introduce WooCommerce tiered pricing, allowing you to offer various price points based on quantity, stimulating more significant sales. Implement strategic pricing thresholds tailored for both retail and bulk buyers, ensuring every purchase feels valued.

BOGO Flexibility: The classic deal is made even better. With our BOGO WooCommerce capabilities, construct captivating offers, from the classic “buy one, get one” to more nuanced deals that will keep shoppers coming back for more. Maybe “Buy three, get a WooCommerce discount for multiple items”?

Role-Based Price for WooCommerce: Every customer is unique, and with our dynamic pricing plugin, you can reflect that. Offer exclusive role based discounts to specific user roles, such as registered members, wholesalers, reviewers, or influences, making every user feel acknowledged and valued.

Simple Percentage Discounts: Boost your store’s competitive edge with the WooCommerce percentage discount rules. Whether it’s a seasonal sale, a special event, or just a gesture to reward loyal customers, setting up a percentage-based discount has never been easier. With just a few clicks, transform your product listings into irresistible deals that shoppers can’t overlook.

Offer WooCommerce Discount for Multiple Items: Offer specialized discounts tailored to the cart’s size, making larger purchases truly irresistible. Harness the power of dynamic pricing and watch your sales soar as customers are drawn to these tempting discounts, all thanks to the WooCommerce discount for multiple items strategy.

Discounts, markups and custom prices: The versatility of our WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin lies in its comprehensive tools. Apart from WooCommerce discount rules, it offers capabilities to elevate prices by either a fixed sum or a given percentage. For specific campaigns or products, retailers can even overwrite the default price with a fixed one.

Location Based Promotions: Roll out discounts based on a customer’s geographic location, making regional sales or country-specific holidays a breeze to manage.

Attribute-Based Deals: Personalize discounts like never before. Whether it’s a color, size, material, or brand, every discount feels tailor-made. Create custom attributes and design discounts around them, giving you unparalleled flexibility.

Membership Tiers: Offer exclusive discounts to members based on their loyalty tier. Encourage customers to move to a higher tier by offering them superior WooCommerce discounts as they climb the loyalty ladder.

Purchase History Recognition: Celebrate loyal customers with discounts based on their buying history. With purchase history-based discounts, let your loyal customers know you value their trust.

Coupon Code Synergies: Let your dynamic pricing and discount rules work hand in hand with WooCommerce coupon codes. Activate flexible discount rules when specific coupon codes are entered.

Flash Sales: With WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts, set up time-sensitive promotions that create a buzz and drive traffic. Integrate with a countdown timer to build urgency and increase sales.

Hassle-Free Automation: Schedule your WooCommerce sales to start and end precisely when you want them to. Set it up once and let the plugin handle the rest. Perfect for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other seasonal sales!

Personalized Offerings: Make your customers feel special. Provide unique WooCommerce discounts based on individual customer behaviors, previous purchases, or other criteria. Offer special discounts to long-standing customers to show appreciation and foster brand loyalty.

Tailored Bundles: Maximize your average order value through strategic product bundling. Combine products in a way that makes sense to the shopper. Offer discounts on bundles that complement each other, ensuring the customer sees value in every additional purchase.

First-Time Shopper Incentives: Attract more first-time buyers by offering them a special WooCommerce discount that they can’t refuse.

Seasonal Catalog Discounts: Tailored deals for every season. Offer discounts on curated collections, like a “Summer Collection” or “Back-to-School Specials”. Set dates for seasonal collections to automatically activate or deactivate based on the season.

Exclusion Rules: Pick and choose which products or categories are exempt from global WooCommerce dynamic pricing rules. Ensure items already on sale or with special promotions aren’t doubly discounted, preserving your profit margins.

Future-Ready: Stay ahead of the curve with a WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin that’s always evolving. As the eCommerce landscape changes, so does our plugin.

Dedicated Support: Experience the difference of a dedicated support team backing your every move. Whether you’re setting up WooCommerce quantity discounts for the first time or tweaking an advanced pricing rule, our experts are here to help.

Whether you’re looking to introduce WooCommerce dynamic pricing, discount rules, create BOGO deals, or implement WooCommerce bulk discount strategies, this plugin encompasses it all. Transform your discount strategy, enhance customer loyalty, and skyrocket your WooCommerce store’s sales today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this extension handle my specific scenario?
In our experience, the answer is “yes” about 90% of the time, if not 99%. The versatility of this extension comes from its design. Rather than being confined to a few fixed settings with specific functions, it presents an array of pricing, discount, and fee methods coupled with numerous conditions and handy settings. All these elements can be seamlessly blended to create almost any WooCommerce dynamic pricing rule, cart discount, or checkout fee you can think of. If you need confirmation about your specific scenario, feel free to explore the examples on this page, delve into the comments section, refer to our knowledge base, or simply reach out to us. But rest assured, straightforward pricing rules such as “buy 2 get 1 half price”, “buy 10+ with 15% discount”, or “3 for $9.99” are undoubtedly supported.

Is this plugin compatible with other WooCommerce extensions?
Typically, our WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin is designed to work seamlessly with most other WooCommerce extensions, utilizing standard price hooks for price modifications and standard procedures for adding discounts or fees. However, there are occasional exceptions where direct compatibility might be an issue. In such instances, we strive to find a solution promptly. If we can’t address the compatibility concern, we ensure clients receive a full refund.

Is WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts compatible with multiple currencies?
The compatibility with multiple currencies varies based on specific requirements. The extension seamlessly integrates with several leading currency switcher plugins, providing hassle-free functionality right from the start. However, it’s worth noting that you cannot designate distinct discounts for individual currencies. Any discounts are set in the base currency and then automatically converted as needed.

Is it possible to provide exclusive discounts to my site’s subscribers or members?
Absolutely. This WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin allows you to set up promotions specifically for subscribers or members of your website. To differentiate members from non-members, your subscription or membership system should utilize a custom role, capability, or user meta entry. For instance, if your membership extension changes the user role to “member” upon a membership purchase, you can apply a role condition with the value “member” to ensure the discount is available only to them.

Is this plugin compatible with WPML?
As of the current moment, WPML compatibility is on our roadmap but has not been implemented yet.

Is WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts compatible with decimal quantities?
The plugin does not support decimal quantities and will not in the foreseeable future. This decision stems from specific technical implementations within the plugin that aren’t compatible with decimal quantities. These particular implementations provide functionalities that would be unattainable otherwise.

I’ve encountered an issue after installing this extension. What should I do?
First, navigate to our support site. We offer various self-help resources that might address your concern. If you need further assistance, please send us an inquiry, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours on business days. Though this extension adheres to top-tier development standards and has been rigorously tested by a vast user base, unforeseen edge cases, specific needs, or uncommon server configurations might still arise. We always welcome and appreciate feedback from our clients as it aids in refining our offerings.

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User Feedback

This plugin is awesome! It adds a huge amount of flexibility to pricing and does so in an incredibly logical fashion. I can’t stress how easy it is to create pricing rules. I’m looking forward to future updates and was impressed by the quick support that was provided when I had a question. If you run Woo buy this plugin! – mattcrane

I’m new to woocommerce and I installed this without any problems. Very easy to install and edit to your requirements. There were several other similar plugins but as this is a Best Seller i’d thought i’d play it safe. I’m glad i did. – europeanwear

Actually it was difficult to choose a reason for rating, because this plugin definitely deserves 5 starts in all ways! Excellent and very fast support, great design and easy to understand documentation. I have used another plugin before where I had to do the setting in each product. With this plugin I now have it all on one settings page. Also I have no plugin incompatibilities with WPML, my wholesale settings, and my different user groups, which is very important for me. So, thumbs up for Rightpress! – PetzPlaza

Your plug in is excellent. I have been using it for over 4 year. It works without any problems… With the only concern I have had, and it was not due to your plug in, your customer support was beyond excellent. Thank you for all your communications with me. I can not ask for any better help. Keith – kfeiring

The tl;dr – BUY THIS PLUGIN!!! I’ve been a developer for a decade, and I’m pretty stingy w/ my praise. However, I give credit when/where credit is due. I spent about a week evaluating about a dozen plugins before settling on this one. This is a finely crafted plugin, that can handles a myriad of pricing scenarios on the fly. Currently, I’m using it to build a site w/ 20,000+ products. – boywondercreative

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