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FOX – WooCommerce Currency Switcher Professional – Multi Currency [WOOCS]

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WooCommerce Currency Switcher Professional – FOX (former name is WOOCS) is WooCommerce multi currency switcher plugin, that allows elevate your WooCommerce store. With real-time currency rates, your customers can effortlessly switch between different currencies and view product prices tailored to their preferences. Whether they choose to pay in their selected currency or stick to the default, our plugin provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. Additionally, you have the flexibility to add any currency to your WooCommerce store, catering to a global audience. Unlock the full potential of your e-shop with the best WooCommerce currency switcher plugin available!

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pay once - get it forever

Briefly professional shop manager should has next tools

[Flexible checkout] – As a store manager, you have the freedom to decide how your customers make payments. With our WooCommerce Currency Switcher, you can choose whether buyers pay in their preferred currency or the base currency of your store. This optional feature allows you to tailor the payment process to meet your business requirements. Whether you want to offer complete currency flexibility or prefer transactions to be conducted in the base currency, our plugin provides the control you need. Empower your customers with choice or streamline payments in the familiar base currency – the decision is yours.

[Manage checkout by GeoIP rules] – Take advantage of our intuitive interface and set up payment rules based on country-specific currencies. By enabling this feature, your customers will appreciate the convenience of paying in their own currency, eliminating the need for currency conversion and ensuring transparency in pricing. Enhance customer satisfaction, reduce friction during the checkout process, and expand your global reach with our flexible payment options.

[Set Fixed Product Prices in Every Currency: Take Control of Pricing] – FOX WooCommerce Currency Switcher offers you the ability to set fixed prices for each currency, independent of the exchange rate. As a store manager, you have full control over the pricing strategy for different currencies, ensuring consistency and predictability for your customers.

[Manage prices based on User Role] – FOX offers a powerful feature that allows store managers to set product prices based on the user’s role. This functionality is particularly useful for stores with a hierarchical user system, where different user roles have varying levels of privileges and access.

[Manage payments rules] – With this feature, the store manager has the ability to configure and assign specific payment methods for each currency available in the WooCommerce store. This means that customers paying in different currencies can be presented with tailored payment options that are most convenient and relevant to their specific currency. Woocommerce Currency Switcher Payments rules

Moreover WooCommerce Currency Switcher also has

you have the ability to create a visually appealing and seamless integration of the currency switcher into your store’s design. Woocommerce Currency Switcher Smart Designer

[Flexible Exchange Rate Updates] – flexibility for the store manager to decide when and how often to update the exchange rates. We understand that currency exchange rates can fluctuate, and it’s important to have control over the update process. With our plugin, you can easily customize the update settings to fit your business needs.

[Set custom money signs] – FOX empowers store managers to go beyond the boundaries of traditional currencies. With our plugin, you can enter and use a variety of custom currency symbols that may not even exist in reality. This opens up exciting possibilities for stores with unique business models, such as gaming stores or virtual marketplaces.

[Individual GeoIP rules for each product] – offers the powerful functionality of setting individual GeoIP rules for each product in your store. With this feature, you can tailor the currency display and pricing based on the geographical location of your customers, providing a personalized and localized shopping experience.

[Statistic by currencies switching and orders] – FOX provides a powerful tool for analyzing the currency usage by your clients. Our plugin collects comprehensive statistics that take into account both the currencies switched by your customers and the currencies used in their orders. This valuable information allows you to gain insights into customer preferences, track currency trends, and make informed business decisions.


You can ask help to chatGPT about the plugin using the plugin former name WOOCS
Woocommerce Currency Switcher and chat gpt
Woocommerce Currency Switcher and chat gpt


  • Track Currency Switches: Monitor the currencies that your customers switch to while browsing your store. This data helps you understand which currencies are popular among your audience and optimize your pricing strategy accordingly.
  • Analyze Order Currencies: Gain visibility into the currencies used by customers when placing orders. This information provides valuable insights into the purchasing behavior of your customers and enables you to assess the impact of currency choices on your sales.
  • Generate Reports: Generate comprehensive reports based on currency usage statistics. These reports offer detailed insights into currency trends, customer preferences, and revenue generated by each currency. They empower you to make data-driven decisions and tailor your marketing and pricing strategies accordingly.

[Set custom price formats] – With FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce, you have the flexibility to set custom price formats that best suit your business needs. You can customize the way prices are displayed, including the number of decimal places, currency symbols, and their position.


  • Decimal Precision: You can specify the number of decimal places to display for prices. For example, you can choose to display prices with two decimal places (e.g., $10.99) or without any decimal places (e.g., $10).
  • Currency Symbols: You have the option to use regular currency symbols or even custom symbols of your choice. This allows you to align the currency display with your brand or create a unique currency representation for your products.
  • Currency Symbol Position: You can choose the position of the currency symbol in relation to the price. The options include displaying the symbol before the price (e.g., $10.99), after the price (e.g., 10.99 USD), or even as a superscript (e.g., 10.99^USD).
  • Hide Cents for Specific Currencies: If you have currencies like JPY or TWD that do not have decimal places, you can configure the plugin to hide the cents for those currencies. This ensures that prices are displayed accurately according to the currency’s nature.

[Compatible with caching plugins] – by utilizing this feature, you can combine the benefits of caching for improved performance with the dynamic currency switching functionality, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience for your customers, even on cached pages.

[Ready for use on mobile devices] – Whether your customers are browsing your online store on a desktop computer or on their mobile devices, they will have easy access to the currency switcher and can select their preferred currency with just a few taps.

[Work fast with less queries to DataBase] – With FOX, you can offer real-time currency conversion without sacrificing performance, allowing your customers to see accurate and up-to-date prices in their preferred currency with minimal impact on your database resources.

[DEV API] – FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce offers a powerful API that allows you to customize and extend its functionality according to your specific business goals. The API provides a set of functions and hooks that enable developers to manipulate prices, currency rates, and other aspects of the currency switcher on the fly.

FOX - Woocommerce Currency Switcher

BIG list of WooCommerce Currency Switcher Benefits

\\ Representation
✔ Currency Switcher is available as the widget and as the shortcode [woocs]. You can insert shortcode [woocs] in any place of your shop, even in the top menu. Also the plugin has ajaxed shortcode/widget of currency converter and ajaxed shortcode/widget of currency rates

\\ Design
✔ Graphically, the WooCommerce Currency Switcher can be represented in various ways: as a drop-down menu, using flag images, a side switcher, or a button. Each currency can be customized with its respective flag in the plugins options.

\\ Checkout
✔ In the plugin settings, there is a feature called “Is multiple allowed” which enables customers to pay in their preferred currency. This feature allows customers to select and pay in their chosen currency, enhancing their shopping experience.

\\ Rates
✔ Currency Switcher plugin (FOX) offers over 7 currency aggregators for automatic currency rate updates. This ensures that your currency rates are always up-to-date. Additionally, the admin has the flexibility to set rates manually if needed. Furthermore, the admin can choose to receive email notifications about currency rate changes, keeping them informed and updated.

\\ Rates auto update
✔ FOX provides various options for updating currency rates according to your preference. You can choose to update rates hourly, twice daily, daily, weekly, monthly, or even set a custom interval such as every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes. Alternatively, if you prefer manual control, you have the flexibility to disable automatic rate updates and set your own currency rates manually. This allows you to have complete control over the currency rates in your WooCommerce store.

Currency Wizard
✔ With FOX, you can easily search for and add multiple currencies to your WooCommerce store. When adding a currencies (by Wizard), you have the option to include all relevant data such as flag, exchange rate, currency sign, description, and more. This allows you to fully customize and configure each currency according to your specific requirements. Whether its a widely used currency or a niche one, the plugin enables you to effortlessly incorporate and manage a diverse range of currencies in your online store.

\\ Price
✔ The plugin allows you to set a price format that fits your specific requirements. You have control over the number of decimal places, the choice between a regular money sign or a custom money sign, as well as the position of the money sign (with four available variants). Additionally, you can choose to show or hide cents for each currency as per your preference. Furthermore, the plugin accommodates different decimal settings for each currency, making it capable of handling unique cases like BTC (Bitcoin).

\\ Custom money signs
✔ Currency Switcher offers the flexibility to create and use your own money symbols based on your business logic. You can customize the currency symbols to align with your specific requirements, allowing you to have full control over the representation of currencies in your WooCommerce store. Additionally, the plugin even supports the usage of currencies that may not exist in reality. This feature enables you to incorporate custom currencies or virtual currencies specific to your business needs

\\ Custom price formats
✔ With the plugin, you can customize the format for each currency individually. This means that each currency can have its own unique price format, allowing you to specify the placement of the price and money sign on the side you prefer. Whether you want the price to appear before or after the money sign, you have the flexibility to configure it according to your desired format for each currency in your WooCommerce store.

\\ Price thousand and decimal separator
✔ FOX provides hooks such as woocs_price_thousand_sep and woocs_price_decimal_sep that allow you to set price separators based on specific currencies or any other business logic, such as country. By utilizing these hooks, you can customize the thousand separator and decimal separator for prices, tailoring them to match your desired format or specific requirements for each currency. This enables you to have fine-grained control over the price display in your WooCommerce store.

\\ Smart Designer
✔ The plugin allows you to effortlessly create a multi-currency drop-down switcher by using the convenient dashboard. With this feature, you have the flexibility to design an unlimited number of drop-downs for different sections of your site. Furthermore, you can easily insert these drop-downs directly into your sites code, providing seamless integration and customization options. Check out the guide on how to customize the currency switcher view for more details.

\\ Statistic
✔ The plugin offers a feature to collect currency switching statistics for business purposes. This feature collects data such as the currency, country, and time of currency switching. The purpose of this statistic is to provide valuable insights into customer preferences and behavior regarding currency selection. It does not collect any private customer data. Additionally, the plugin includes statistics about the currency used in orders, which can help you analyze purchasing patterns and make informed business decisions. Its important to note that the plugin respects privacy and does not collect any personally identifiable information. If you have implemented restrictions on certain currencies for specific countries using the disallow currency for any country feature, the statistics will reflect those restrictions as well

\\ Currencies visibility
✔ The plugin provides the option to set a currency as either “Public” or “Private”. In “Public” mode, the currency is visible and accessible in the currency switcher, allowing users to select it either through the switcher or via the ”?currency=XXX” link parameter. On the other hand, in “Private” mode, the currency is not published in the switcher, and users cannot set it using the ”?currency=XXX” link parameter. This gives you control over which currencies are publicly available for selection and which ones are reserved for specific purposes or user roles

\\ Payments rules
✔ WooCommerce Currency Switcher allows you to set rules to dynamically hide or show payment gateways on the checkout page based on the current currency. This feature gives you fine-grained control over which payment options are available to customers depending on the currency they have selected. By configuring these rules, you can ensure that only compatible payment gateways are displayed for each currency, providing a seamless and streamlined checkout experience for your customers. For more information on how to set up these rules, you can refer to the guide on hiding/showing payment gateways on the checkout page.

\\ Welcome currency
✔ The “Welcome currency” feature in FOX options allows you to set a specific currency that your shop visitors will see upon their first visit. For example, if your shop currency is set to INR (Indian Rupee) but you want your customers to see prices converted to USD (United States Dollar) during their initial visit, you can simply set the “Welcome currency” to USD in the FOX options. This ensures that your customers are greeted with prices displayed in their preferred currency right from the start

\\ Individual prices based on User Role
✔ The plugin offers a powerful feature that allows you to set different prices for each currency based on the site role of your customers. This feature is especially beneficial for customers who are part of a loyalty program or have specific site roles. With this capability, you can provide customized pricing and discounts for different currencies, ensuring that customers with specific roles receive the appropriate pricing based on their loyalty program or membership level. It adds an extra level of flexibility and personalization to your shop, enhancing the shopping experience for your customers

\\ Individual GeoIP rules for each product
✔ The “WooCommerce Price Based on Country” feature is a powerful addition that enables you to set different prices for your products based on the customers country. With this feature, you can customize and tailor your pricing strategy to accommodate variations in costs, taxes, or market demands across different countries. By implementing country-specific pricing, you can optimize your product offerings and provide a more personalized shopping experience for customers from different regions. To learn more about how to leverage this feature, you can refer to the detailed information available on the WooCommerce Price Based on Country page

\\ Individual fixed prices rules for each product
✔ The plugin offers a powerful feature called “Individual fixed prices rules for each product.” This feature allows you to set specific fixed prices for each currency for individual products in your WooCommerce store. By doing so, the conversion based on the exchange rate will not be applied to these products. Instead, the prices you set will be used directly for each currency. This feature gives you precise control over pricing for specific products, allowing you to accommodate unique pricing requirements or special promotions. To see how to utilize this feature, you can watch the tutorial video available at this link

\\ GEO IP rules for visitors local currency detection
✔ The plugin provides a powerful feature called “GEO IP rules for visitors local currency detection.” This feature allows you to automatically detect the visitors native currency based on their IP address when they first visit your shop. The currency is then automatically switched to their local currency, providing a personalized shopping experience. Furthermore, if you enable the option “Checkout by GeoIP rules,” your customers will always be able to pay for products in their local currency, ensuring a seamless and convenient checkout process. This feature enhances user experience and eliminates the need for manual currency selection, making it easier for customers to shop in their preferred currency.

Fixed minimum amount for FREE delivery for each currency
✔ The plugin offers a convenient feature that allows you to set a fixed minimum amount for free delivery for each currency. This feature ensures that customers in different currencies have a consistent minimum order value to qualify for free delivery. By setting specific minimum amounts for each currency, you can customize your free delivery threshold to align with your business requirements and pricing strategies. This flexibility helps optimize the shopping experience for customers while maintaining control over your shipping costs and incentives.

Fixed minimum amount for shipping for each currency
✔ FOX includes a useful feature that enables you to set a fixed minimum amount for shipping for each currency. This feature allows you to define a specific minimum order value that customers must meet in their chosen currency to qualify for shipping. By setting different minimum amounts for each currency, you can customize your shipping thresholds to accommodate variations in costs, taxes, or other factors across different currencies. This feature provides flexibility in determining the minimum order value required for shipping, ensuring a consistent and fair shipping policy for customers using different currencies.

Fixed amount for coupons for each currency
✔ The plugin offers a convenient feature that allows you to set fixed amounts for coupons in different currencies. This means you can specify unique coupon amounts for each currency in your shop. Alternatively, if you choose not to set specific amounts for each currency, the system will automatically calculate the coupon amount based on the currency rate relative to the base currency. This feature provides flexibility in offering discounts and promotions tailored to specific currencies, ensuring that customers receive appropriate coupon values based on their selected currency.

Fixed minimum and maximum coupon verification amount for each currency
✔ The plugin includes a powerful feature that allows you to set fixed minimum and maximum verification amounts for coupons in different currencies. Instead of calculating the verification amounts based on rates relative to the base currency, you have the flexibility to define specific minimum and maximum amounts for each currency. This means you can establish unique verification thresholds for coupons in different currencies, ensuring consistent and customized validation rules. By setting fixed verification amounts, you can tailor your coupon redemption process to the specific currency being used, providing a seamless and optimized experience for your customers.

\\ Show approximate price
✔ The plugin offers a helpful feature that displays approximate prices on the shop page and the single product page. The approximate price is based on the currency defined by the users IP address using the GeoIP rule, if such a rule exists. This functionality works exclusively with currency rate data and does not consider fixed prices rules or geo rules. When a visitors country is determined through the GeoIP rule and they switch the currency, they will always see an approximate price in their local currency displayed alongside the product price. This feature enhances the shopping experience by providing users with an immediate understanding of the products price in their preferred currency. For more information on how to insert the currency switcher into the single product page, you can refer to the guide available at this link

\\ Show approximate amount
✔ FOX switcher includes a useful feature that displays approximate amounts on the checkout page and cart page. The approximate amount is based on the currency defined by the users IP address using the GeoIP rule, if such a rule exists. This functionality relies solely on currency rate data and does not consider fixed price rules or specific geo IP rules.

\\ Compatibility with cache plugins
✔ If your site uses a cache plugin – enable option “I am using cache plugin on my site”, reset the site cache and from now your shop visitors can switch currencies without any problems!

\\ Orders keeps in the currency of the deal
✔ When the “Is multiple allowed” option is enabled in the plugin, each order in your shop will be recorded in the currency that the customer paid with. This means that regardless of the default currency set for your shop, the currency used by the customer during the checkout process will be associated with their order. This feature allows for flexibility in accommodating multiple currencies and ensures that orders are accurately recorded and processed in the respective currencies chosen by the customers.

\\ New order currency
✔ Currency Switcher plugin (FOX) includes the ability to set the currency for a new order manually within the admin panel. This feature allows you, as an admin, to specify the currency for an order that is created manually. Whether you are creating an order for a customer or processing a special request, you can select the appropriate currency for that particular order. This flexibility ensures that you can handle orders in various currencies and accommodate specific customer preferences or unique situations.

\\ Order recount
✔ In the multi-currency mode of the plugin, there is a feature that allows you to recalculate an order from any currency to the basic currency. This functionality is useful when you need to convert an orders total amount and line item prices from the selected currency back to the base currency of your shop. By initiating the recount process, the plugin will accurately convert the amounts based on the currency rates and provide you with the equivalent values in the basic currency. This ensures consistency and facilitates financial tracking and reporting in a unified currency within your shops multi-currency environment.

\\ Price info icon
✔ The plugin includes a helpful feature where an info icon is displayed near the price of a product. When a user hovers their mouse over the icon, a tooltip appears showing the prices of the product in all other available currencies. This functionality provides convenient access to currency-specific pricing information, allowing customers to compare prices and make informed purchasing decisions. To customize the appearance or behavior of the info icon and tooltip, you can refer to the instructions provided in the documentation available at this link

\\ Shortcode [woocs_price]
✔ The shortcode [woocs_price] enables you to insert a product price directly into your shop promotion articles. This versatile shortcode allows you to display the price of a product in a switchable format, meaning it will dynamically adjust based on the selected currency by the user. By utilizing this shortcode, you can provide accurate and up-to-date pricing information within your promotional content, ensuring a seamless and consistent shopping experience for your customers. Simply include the [woocs_price] shortcode in your article, and it will automatically generate the appropriate product price based on the chosen currency.

\\ Prices without cents
✔ The plugin provides the functionality to automatically recalculate prices without cents for currencies like JPY (Japanese Yen) or TWD (New Taiwan Dollar) that do not have decimal fractions.

✔ Currency Switcher plugin (FOX) includes the ability to set the currency for a new order manually within the admin panel. This feature allows you, as an admin, to specify the currency for an order that is created manually. Whether you are creating an order for a customer or processing a special request, you can select the appropriate currency for that particular order. This flexibility ensures that you can handle orders in various currencies and accommodate specific customer preferences or unique situations.

Possible to change currency according to the language
✔ If your site is using WPML or Polylang plugins and you have a specific business logic that requires setting the currency according to the current language, you can achieve this by utilizing the FOX API provided by the Currency Switcher plugin. The FOX API allows you to integrate the currency switching functionality with the language change feature of WPML or Polylang. By leveraging the API, you can create custom code or use hooks to automate the currency change based on the selected language. This enables you to align the currency with the language for a seamless and localized user experience on your site. For more detailed instructions and implementation guidance, you can refer to the documentation and resources available on the Currency Switcher website

\\ Currency in link
✔ FOX, the Currency Switcher plugin, has the ability to understand and process currency information within site links like This means that you can include the currency parameter in your site links to specify a particular currency for the user. For example, in the link “,” the “currency=EUR” parameter indicates that the site should be displayed in Euros. When a user clicks on such a link, FOX will detect the currency parameter and switch the currency accordingly, providing a consistent and personalized currency experience for the user throughout their browsing session. This feature is helpful for directing users to specific currency views or providing direct links with pre-defined currency settings.

\\ No params in the link
✔ The Currency Switcher plugin, FOX, offers the ability to switch currencies without the need for visible link parameters like ”?currency=USD”. This means that the currency can be switched seamlessly without exposing the currency choice in the URL.

\\ Currency storage

✔ Currency storage in FOX offers site administrators a range of mechanisms to store user-selected currencies across different hosting architectures. These storage options include Session, Transient, as well as advanced solutions like Memcached and Redis.

✔ With Session storage, the selected currency is stored in the users session data, allowing it to persist throughout their browsing session. Transient storage provides a temporary storage mechanism for the selected currency, typically for a specified period of time.

✔ For more robust and scalable storage solutions, FOX supports integration with caching technologies such as Memcached or Redis. These caching systems provide high-performance storage capabilities, ensuring efficient retrieval and management of currency data.

\\ Wide API

✔ For site developers, the Currency Switcher plugin (FOX) offers an advanced API functionality set that enables manipulation of prices and their rates dynamically using conditional logic. This API provides developers with extensive control over currency-related operations and allows for customization based on specific business requirements.

✔ Using the API, developers can programmatically access and modify price data, apply conditional logic to determine currency rates, and perform calculations or transformations on the fly. This level of flexibility enables the creation of dynamic pricing scenarios and the ability to tailor the currency switching experience to meet unique needs.

✔ The API documentation provides detailed information on the available functions and methods, allowing developers to leverage the full potential of the Currency Switcher plugin and integrate it seamlessly into their projects. With this API functionality, developers have the tools to implement sophisticated currency manipulation and customization within their applications.

\\ Easy to use for administrators and shop customers

✔ Install the Currency Switcher plugin (FOX) and configure your currency settings effortlessly within just 5 minutes. By leveraging the power of this plugin, your online shop can unlock its potential to generate more revenue.

✔ With easy installation steps, you will be up and running in no time. Once installed, you can configure the currency settings to meet your specific requirements. Set up your desired currencies, exchange rates, symbols, formats, and other options within a user-friendly interface.

✔ By offering multiple currencies to your customers, you enhance their shopping experience and remove barriers that may prevent them from making a purchase. With the ability to switch currencies and view prices in their preferred currency, customers are more likely to convert and complete their transactions.

✔ The Currency Switcher plugin provides a seamless currency switching experience, ensuring that customers can easily navigate your shop and make purchases in their desired currency. This enhanced convenience and flexibility can lead to increased sales and revenue for your business.

✔ Compatible with WPML

✔ Compatible with HUSKY – Products Filter Professional for WooCommerce

✔ Compatible with WOOT – WooCommerce Active Products Tables

✔ Compatible with RnB – WooCommerce Booking & Rental Plugin

✔ 95% compatibility with different payment gates in multi currency mode, just try it!

✔ We do compatibility according to our special program FOX LABS

\\ PHP 8.x full compatibility

Strong technical support, which each day works with tones of code!

DON’T DOUBT! Install WooCommerce Currency Switcher simply just now without purchasing!

  • Go to your site plugins page
  • Press “Add new Plugin” button
  • In the search input write next string: FOX
  • You will see WooCommerce Currency Switcher – Install and activate it!
  • Use it for free if only 2 currencies is enough for your site – all features are unlocked there
  • Read this if you want let your customers pay in theirs selected currency
  • Troubles? Issues? Do you need something specific? ASK SUPPORT HERE AND WITHIN 24 bussiness hours YOU WILL GET THE ANSWER!

Compatible with most of the plugins

FOX is tested with page builders: ElementorWPBakery, Visual Composer, Divi theme and builder, Themify builder, Oxygen builder. Also should be compatible with all other page builders, you can test it for free. FOX also compatible with WPML plugin.


Sure incompatibilities happens, for such cases FOX has special cost-free programm “FOX LABS

FOX Options List


  • Select flag
  • Currency code
  • Select currency sign OR add your own
  • Select currency sign position
  • Set currency rate or use rate from currency aggregators
  • Set your interest %
  • Set each currency decimals
  • Set each currency separators
  • Set each currency front visibility
  • Show or hide cents for each currency


  • Set Welcome currency for new site-visitors
  • Set Currency aggregator
  • Set how to storage currency on the site
  • Set preferable Rate auto update period
  • Set Custom currency symbols if you need, even one created by you (gaming)
  • Set Custom price format, how to display prices to your customers
  • No GET data in link – if you do not want to see on the link after switching ”?currency=USD”
  • Show or hide money symbols on the site front drop-down
  • Show info icon near the price of the product
  • Email notice about “Rate auto update” results
  • Hide switcher on the checkout page, if it is necessary
  • Show approximate amount on the checkout page and the cart page with currency of user defined by IP
  • Show approximate price on the shop page and the product single page with currency of user defined by IP
  • If your site uses cache plugin enable “I am using cache plugin on my site”
  • Disable on pages – Disabling FOX on the described pages only


  • Customer will pay using selected currency (Yes) or using default currency (No)
  • Individual fixed prices rules for each product
  • Individual fixed amount for coupon
  • Individual fixed amount for shipping
  • Individual prices based on user role
  • Individual GeoIP rules for each product
  • Statistic – Collect currencies switching statistic for business purposes. No any private data of customers collects
  • Payments rules – Hide or show payments systems on checkout page depending of the current currency

Payments rules

  • Payments behavior
  • Check payments
  • Cash on delivery

GeoIP rules

  • For each currency select countries


  • Currency
  • Orders
  • Calendar
  • Chart type: bar
  • Chart type: pie

Smart Designer

  • Section where you can create your own view of currency switcher drop-down

Side switcher

  • Skin
  • Side
  • Top margin
  • What content to show in the switcher after the site page loading
  • What content to show in the switcher after mouse hover on any currency there
  • Show on the pages
  • Hide on the pages
  • Behavior for devices: Show / Hide on mobile device (highest priority)
  • Main color
  • Hover color

Translation and Localization

*.pot file is generated inside of the plugin, and its allows you to translate the plugin into any language. Do it for example by Loco Translate plugin OR by Poedit



Sure, FOX always could work with PayPal


Yes, but if your stripe plugin (a lot of them exists) doesn work you can always request FOX LABS. Use free version to test.


You can always request FOX LABS


If you want to accept payments from the customers in their selected currency you should set in tab Advanced ‘Is multiple allowed’ to ‘Yes’.


Use in tab Options “Custom money signs” option


Use hooks woocs_announce_aggregator and woocs_add_aggregator_processor


Create order -> press Save button -> select currency of the order -> press Save button -> and only now add products into the order


Read the article please


Read the article please


Use options in tab ‘Payments Rules’ of the plugin settings page


Read the article please


Read the article please


Read the article please


Get it here


Still not convinced? Download it now for FREE and take it for a test drive on our own site!
free version
Of course FOX comes with comprehensive online documentation for any of those niggling questions, including a dedicated section on working with the API and custom sections for developers, how to setup your front­end and use Shortcodes as well as Tips & Tricks for getting the most out of your new plugin

This plugin is part of “WooCommerce Business Tools Bundle”




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Woocommerce Currency Switcher review
Woocommerce Currency Switcher review
Woocommerce Currency Switcher review
Woocommerce Currency Switcher review


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